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2003 has been busy for Chris, Andy and Kris

Some of the things happening, in semi date order:
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Kris's children Niamh and Theo continue to grow rapidly

Wwoofers have come to help rescue the garden

January and March saw Andy and Chris take two Adventure Out trips

March also saw Kris and Andy head to New South Wales to go paragliding

In April the Koromiko Homestays Arts Scholarship was instigated. 

Some other April happenings that have managed to get featured on the web site....

A ninetieth birthday party in May to celebrate Chris's 50th and Andy's 40th....  Invite for your information....

Kris won a trip to Queenstown participating in a fancy dress mid-winter swim at Scorching Bay.

In August Kris went off to Hokitika to help Sue, a former flatmate from DOC days, to take part in a birthday celebration.  He also set up a limited liability company for himself: Ericksen Innovation Ltd - watch this space!

October saw Chris, Kris and Andy head off to Canungra, in Queensland, for more paragliding, then to the Craigieburns for yet more....

Chris, Kris, Travis and Gen went to the Martinborough Wine and Food Festival in November - and had a great time!  Also during November Kris went to Kapiti Island with two friends: Sari and Mike.  At the end of November we all ended up having drinks with Sir Ian McKellen!

In December Kris headed south to Dunedin to a wedding - Karen, a flatmate from his university day's was getting married.... and Andy headed to the sub-Antarctic again.  For Christmas Chris and Kris headed up to Hawke's Bay to celebrate Christmas with Kris's family.  We then headed back to Wellington and had a late Chritmas dinner with Pam

Andy's 2003 newsletter

Miscellaneous paragliding photos from 2003....

Andy and Chris's 2002 newsletters - which never quite got onto the web in time!  (Kris's excuse is that he had glandular fever in 2002 - only a one in 25 thousand chance of getting it after you're 40....)

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Paragliding at Manilla, NSW, Australia, February 2003